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Oct 28

Source: www.colorado.edu

Boulder, Colorado, home to the University of Colorado as well as tons of local shops and restaurants drawing thousands of tourists annually, is known as the fittest city in America with a 12% obesity rate. Located at the base of the great Rocky Mountains at 5430 feet above sea level, it is a mecca for farm-to-table meals at restaurants, farmer's markets, and world-class endurance athletes. There are miles of running and biking trails all around, with over 300 days annually of sunshine, low humidity and four distinct seasons. All of these factors create prime conditions for endurance training and racing, including swimming and triathlons. 

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Sep 27

Length of time at IHT: 15 years

Length of time selling HotSpring Spas: 30 years! Sold HotSpring Spas in St. Louis and Indianapolis right down I-70.

Hometown: Chicago

College: Indiana University. Go Hoosiers! 

Favorite thing about Colorado: The beauty of the landscapes. I used to vacation here all the time, so I moved here! I enjoy hiking, skiing, golfing, you name it. Always doing lots of physical activity. 

Favorite thing about IHT: Relaxed environment, the Hiners are great people to work for. I like all the employees here! 

Why do you love hot tubs? It's relaxing. Good for sore muscles, bad back, and arthritis. For me personally, it is just relaxing. I love the Moto-Massage!

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Sep 16

September is often thought of as a month of all seriousness - such as back-to-school and work for many families around the USA. However, don't let it pass you by without a little fun in the sun. It holds that the last Saturday in September is always Family Health and Fitness Day USA, and 2016 marks the 20th annual event!

This year Family Health & Fitness Day USA, recommended by the U.S. Surgeon General's Report on Physical Activity, falls on Saturday, September 24. This event celebrates family involvement in physical activity. 

Around the United States, local organizations are hosting health and fitness events at YMCAs, hospitals, park districts, schools, health clubs and other community centers in honor of Family Health and Fitness Day USA. These events are a great opportunity for families to reconnect, get outdoors, and stay active through low-impact exercises, games, workshops, and more.

Find an alternative to TV, video games and smart phones and get moving outdoors! What an opportunity for family bonding time.

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Jul 29
“Improving social wellness takes very little effort, but there are many simple ways to reconnect quickly,” says Jill Seng of International Hot Tub. “Even a little time spent with friends, family and even strangers improves mood, self-esteem and stress levels.”

Here are three simple social wellness tips.

Create a Social Atmosphere at Home with a Hot Tub – Bring family members together by creating a social atmosphere that draws family to a central gathering spot. A hot tub at home is a simple, but exciting option. Choose a tub that allows several people to enjoy relaxing together surrounded by temperature controlled water and massaging jets.

Be Open to Communicating with Strangers – Most people have been taught from an early age to avoid talking to strangers. A good philosophy, but a strategy that often makes it hard to connect and find friends in new places. Smile and say hello to others when walking around the block or when out at the store. Even a slight human connection can brighten the day of both people involved.

Meet Up with People Who Share Interests – When family isn’t close by, it can be very difficult for some people to connect with people around them. A great way to enjoy the company of others is to find local groups that enjoy the same hobbies or social environments.

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Jul 27

IRONMAN® Triathlons and the Boulder Connection to IHT Swim Spas and Hot Tubs.

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Jul 27

With innovative engineering, a new hot tub is an affordable and practical investment.
Here’s how quality brands prioritize energy efficiency to create hot tub solutions that work for any budget.

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Jul 10


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Jun 27

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, over 52.5 million Americans suffer from arthritis today. This unfortunate condition causes swelling, pain, stiffness, and reduced joint function, and is often worse in cold weather.

The Arthritis Association recignizes there is a solution for a better quality of life for arthritis sufferers: warm water immersion. Hot tubs provide relief to arthritis suffers in the following ways:

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Jun 22
We have been proudly offering a lineup from Hot Spring Spas since 1978 in the Denver and Boudler areas, and we take pride in serving you with the ultimate backyard experience, as well as innumerable hydrotherapy and relaxation benefits.

Our great state of Colorado offers even more options for hot tubbing without leaving the state, so, we compiled a list of our favorite spots to check out as you’re planning your summer vacation or weekend getaway. These hot springs offer similar hot water benefits to what you’d find in your backyard hot tub getaway.
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Jun 17


At IHT, hot tubs have been proven time and time again to give your body numerous health benefits. We hope this will offer a point of reference as you do your hot tub research.

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