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Jun 27

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, over 52.5 million Americans suffer from arthritis today. This unfortunate condition causes swelling, pain, stiffness, and reduced joint function, and is often worse in cold weather.

The Arthritis Association recignizes there is a solution for a better quality of life for arthritis sufferers: warm water immersion. Hot tubs provide relief to arthritis suffers in the following ways:

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Jun 22
We have been proudly offering a lineup from Hot Spring Spas since 1978 in the Denver and Boudler areas, and we take pride in serving you with the ultimate backyard experience, as well as innumerable hydrotherapy and relaxation benefits.

Our great state of Colorado offers even more options for hot tubbing without leaving the state, so, we compiled a list of our favorite spots to check out as you’re planning your summer vacation or weekend getaway. These hot springs offer similar hot water benefits to what you’d find in your backyard hot tub getaway.
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Jun 20


Nowadays, we modern Americans live frantic, stressful lifestyles, even when we exercise and eat a well-balanced diet. Why is that, you ask? We can think of one major cause...

Research shows us that around 70 million Americans suffer from sleep disorders more than once weekly.

Harmful results of sleep deprivation include...

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Jun 17


At IHT, hot tubs have been proven time and time again to give your body numerous health benefits. We hope this will offer a point of reference as you do your hot tub research.

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Mar 01

Whether two people have just met or have been together for years, developing a relationship takes work. The things that make relationships strong do not have to be hard, however. Here are three tips for better relationships that are as important at the beginning as they are years down the road, and will help anyone strengthen the bonds of love and devotion.

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Feb 26

Exercise in the hot tub is great for your body and a fantastic way to relax. Here are a few things about hot tub exercise, and how you can use your hot tub retreat to create a healthier, happier you.

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