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Jan 05

photo: Ricky and family

Length of time at IHT: Since April, 2003: Almost 14 years!

My job at IHT: I have done almost everything, I started cleaning showrooms and offices, became a sales assistant and moved into sales, did bookkeeping, scheduling, deliveries, service, and currently I am the Operations and Finance Manager.

Inspiration to work in hot tub industry: Starting here at 16, over the years I saw how people loved what we provide that enhances their lives. What a great product and industry to be a part of.

Hometown: Colorado native - Aurora

College: Metro (Metropolitan State University of Denver)

Sports Team: Nuggets & Avalanche                                                                                        

Favorite thing about Colorado: The weather: the 4 seasons and number of days of sunshine.

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Dec 06

photo: Kimberly and family

Length of time at IHT: 3 years

My job at IHT: Delivery Department. I schedule and coordinate all the hot tub deliveries and crews. Plus a variety of Customer Care areas and bookkeeping.

Hometown: Colorado native - Westminster

Sports Team: Denver Broncos all the way

Favorite thing about Colorado: The weather because it's different every day.

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