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Nov 22

Thanksgiving is in a couple of days! According to the National Turkey Federation, Americans will consume around 45 million turkeys on a day filled with gratitude and togetherness. From IHT to your home, a little guide on selecting the Perfect Turkey for your Big Green Egg grill and/or Weber this holiday season! You may feel option overload...but relax. 

One big advantage for your health in consuming turkey...they are always raised without hormones! 

Organic: A wee bit pricier, but raised without both hormones and antibiotics. Better for the bird, better for your body long-term! These birds live off corn and soybean meal. 

Pasture-raised: These birds feed on grasses and insects outdoors. Their varied diet produces flavorful meat. 

Heritage Turkeys: Throwback a few hundred years. Growing in popularity, these birds have a longer life and slower growth rate. Their almost gamy meat flavor comes from a life mostly spent outdoors mating naturally. You won't find as much white meat here. 

Free Range Turkeys roam outdoors freely in a fenced-in area most of the time. None of that 24-7 caged stress on the body. 

All Natural Turkeys are minimally processed - you'll find natural flavorings sans the artificial preservatives. Oftentimes you'll find them in open houses with fresh air and water. They tend to be restricted to local shipping zones. 

Young Turkeys offer a unique flavor and are always less than eight months old. 

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