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Staff Profile: Chris Pinter

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Length of time at IHT: Ten years.

Fave thing about Colorado: Mountains, camping, fishing and skiing.

Bucket list item: Ski the French Alps (photo at the top): Chamonix, foot of Mount Blanc, Vallee Blanche.

Favorite hobby: Cooking seafood and traditional continental cuisine.

Background: I began in 1980 doing hot tub service, deliveries and custom installations. I also did solar installations with liquid thermal solar systems. After learning how much I loved hot tubs and the benefits, I moved to sales.

Inspiration to work in hot tub industry: Wellness and providing a product that really does help people. Selling hot tubs is fun…selling cars is competitive and goal-driven with unhappy sales people. Hot tubs are products that really make people feel better and healthier. Hot tubs build relationships among family members and friends. Just so many reasons to own a hot tub. I like being able to sell a product like this, it's pretty cool. I feel really lucky to be selling products from Watkins who provides a high-quality product. I have a chance to sell Hot Spring and Caldera, the premier hot tubs in the industry. There’s so many really big differences in selling Watkins.

Hometown: Resident of Westminster since 1985. Born in New Jersey.

College: Univ. of New Hampshire

Favorite sport team: Univ. of New Hampshire Wildcat Football.

Why do you love hot tubs? They’re fun and make you feel better.

Favorite thing about IHT: The people. They are the most professional and competent hot tub staff in the Denver metro without a doubt. IHT people are the best.

Fave food: Maine lobster.

Fave vacation spot: Florida Keys.

Favorite restaurant to eat at: “Salt” in Boulder.

Pictured below is Brainard Lake Recreation Area, Chris' favorite spot to camp in Colorado.


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