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May 31

Let's kick off summer with one of the best weekends in June.

There are so many great event in Denver during the summer months. June kicks off two of the best.

The People's Fair - Art & Music Festival

"People’s Fair is Denver’s oldest neighborhood festival and famous for bringing together a diverse population to celebrate community and enjoy the start to the summer." according to the People's Fair website.
  • Saturday, June 3 10a-8p
  • Sunday, June 4 10a-7p
  • Civic Center Park, downtown Denver
  • Free to the public - food and drinks can be purchased - lots of selection
  • 24 bands, 15 performance groups
  • marketplace with fine art, crafters, businesses and non-profits

If you are new to Denver or have been going for years, this is one of the events that really kicks off summer in the city. What's not to like. So much to see, all the great bands, and of course, great food, all in the setting of the beautiful park. And the weekend is suppose to be warm - low 80's. So get outside and join us downtown.

Get all the details including event map and schedules at https://peoplesfair.com/. We recommend it!

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Mar 08


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Feb 28

With expensive gym memberships and fad diets, the weight loss industry has the upper hand. Luckily, there is an alternative, and it’s as easy as relaxing in a hot tub.

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Feb 28

Elevated stress is a serious concern, and strategies for relieving tension have never been more important. Luckily, there’s an easy way to reduce stress that causes pain, and it’s completely safe.

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Feb 13


Length of time at IHT: Ten years.

Fave thing about Colorado: Mountains, camping, fishing and skiing.

Bucket list item: Ski the French Alps (photo at the top): Chamonix, foot of Mount Blanc, Vallee Blanche.

Favorite hobby: Cooking seafood and traditional continental cuisine.

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Feb 13

Photo Credit: Imgur

When the weather is cold and snowy, using your hot tub is more pleasurable than at any other time of year. That can't be more obvious than by the way our monkey friends enjoy it, as seen in the photo above. It may seem that being in your bathing suit outside in winter might be a chilling experience. But for many hot tub owners, the time they spend in their tub during the winter months is the time they enjoy their hot tub the most.

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Feb 13

When you fantasize about the luxury of a personal hot tub in your own backyard, what do you see? Do you see scenes from that movie, Hot Tub Time Machine? For some, perhaps. Maybe you see family time, with the kids or grand kids.

How about quiet time and relaxation: early, early morning. Just before sunrise. You're in the tub listening to the birds begin their morning melodies, sipping a cup of your favorite brew. We could go on and on.....the reasons you want a hot tub are personal and unique.

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Feb 05

“While both eating better and getting more exercise are very good lifestyle changes, they aren’t the only ways to improve health”, said Jill Seng of International Hot Tub Company.

Here are three easy ways to improve health for the New Year that anyone can do.

Sleep Better and Longer by Adding a Portable Spa to the Home – Quality of sleep influences the ability to get things done, and a good night’s rest is vital. Soaking in a soothing hot tub with temperature-controlled water can increase the ability to fall asleep quickly and sleep more soundly.

Pay Attention to Food – Eating less isn’t always the solution to healthier eating habits. People are often surprised by just how much they can eat when they choose the right foods. Pay attention to nutritional labels, and eat items that offer the most value. That usually means eating less pre-packaged and processed foods.

Take the Time to Acknowledge the Good Things – It’s easy to focus on what is wrong in life rather than on healthy solutions. Spend time making a list of the many good things there are to be grateful for. It is uplifting, and can instantly improve a day that isn’t going as well as expected.

To help educate the public on how hot tubs and hot water hydrotherapy can help improve overall health and well-being, International Hot Tub Company will provide free hot tub test soaks at all their locations during the entire month. They do recommend however that people wanting to schedule their free 30-minute test soak call them ahead of time to reserve their spot.

Consumers wanting to learn more are encouraged to pick up a copy of this free hot tub buying guide, “7 Critical Questions You Must Ask Before You Invest With a Hot Tub Dealer.” Just call ☎ 303-296-7727 or visit http://hottubsale.ihtspas.com/hot-tub-sale

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Feb 05

In addition to feeling great, a quick soak in the hot tub offers some amazing benefits.If you’re dealing with a chronic condition or diabetes makes it difficult to sleep, a hot tub may be the answer.

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Jan 06

The holidays are over and a new year is upon us. It’s easier to be down in the dumps this time of year; depression is more common, and if you're single on Valentine's Day, that doesn't help either! 

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